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Açobril emerges in the steel processing and sales segments, supplying steel to the civil construction and metalworking industries since 1964.

With wide experience and constant investment in the modernization of its infrastructure, Açobril serves its clients with world-class and high-performance products.

“We use materials from major Steel Mills, always up to date with new technologies; we work in tune with your needs, which ensures a fast and safe work, ready to serve your company”.

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To the Client

Reciprocity policy consolidated in all supplies situations. Safety and reliability in partnership creating important benefits to our customers.


Deep operational knowledge, innovation capacity and cleaver processes ensure efficiency. Relationship focus transfering value for our customers business.


We pursue best practices in human resource management, focusing on occupational training, safety and health; our internal and external operations are governed by ethics and transparency.

To the Environment

Our environmentally conscious actions include storing and reusing rainwater for non-potable use throughout the company.